Sunday, April 07, 2013

Game Review: Star Wars X-Wing

with penknife in hand... time to surgically remove the shrinkwrap

There was quite a bit of buzz with the X-Wing miniatures game and I've heard plenty of good things about it. Once, I saw this guy buy a whole truck load of X-Wing models at the recent PI warehouse sale... can't go very far wrong with such avid displays of fanatism, right?

So thinking it was a good miniatures game to start getting my boys involved in gaming, I got a copy... Of course.... I would like to try out the game too...

Fast forward and with the game in hand, and with perhaps more enthusiasm than my kids, I opened the shrinkwrap... And thus I begin my review.

The game is a compact miniatures game boasting an introductory set of rules along with the full set of rules. It's pretty self contained with very little fixing up to do, which is nice to get started quickly whilst the kids are clamoring all over me to get their grimy hands on my new toys. Components are printed on sturdy thick cardboard which seems to be the trend nowadays. But it's a nice touch as it is definitely more durable and easier to hold.

Components, with the lid just lifted. Note the hardboard counter components..

Let me be clear, this review is based on the introductory 'quick start' rules. As the main game is definitely more complex and would require the adult to break up the game into bite sized chunks to allow kids to understand the game. However, the intro game is simple and elegant. Allowing my 6 and 9 year olds to get into the cockpits of their fighters and get stuck in. It is good that each player only controls one to two models which slowly prepares them to control bigger scale games in the future.

The intro game focuses on basic movement and attacking concepts. This is nice because the game play moves smoothly and there is enough action to engage the kids, with enough expansion options to make the game more exciting. The main game has large strategic potential, focusing on elaborate space flight maneuvers, different damage levels and stress levels on pilots, not to mention different skill levels of the pilots. I believe this game will be quite fun for both adults and kids. I will probably write another review when my kids can ascend into the next level, and we have several games under our belt.

Now, it didn't take long for the kids to zoom around with their X-wings and TIE fighters but I soon realized that they lacked a sense of engagement. Then I realized that these kids of the new generation wouldn't know what an X-wing was. They've not watched Star Wars before! Even if they did, they only watched snippets of the newer episodes whilst their dad was watching; nonetheless, the X-wings never appeared.

A quick search on YouTube soon resulted in wide eyed kids staring at the screen whilst the X-wings swooped around blasting their cannons during the space battle sequences. It was cool when the X-wings opened their S-foils into attack position. I must admit that, despite the 20-30 years on, the space battles still looked good. There was something real that the new age digital graphics cannot bring to bear. But I digress...

So, a box of models, and 15 minutes on YouTube and you'll get yourself a whole series of entertaining game sessions that will bring people into the world of miniature games.

Young Rebel Alliance Pilots wannabes!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Dream a Dream....

The little boat of my intellect now sets sail on course through gentler waters, where the human spirit is purged and becomes fit. Then I turned around, like one who has to see what he must run from, and who is attacked by sudden fear, so that he dare not stop to look: and behind us i saw a black demon com running up the cliff.

How fierce his countenance was! And how cruel he seemed in action, with his outspread wings and nimble legs! His high pointed shoulders carried a sinner's two haunches, and he held the sinews of each foot tight.

+++Incoming transmission+++

+++ Encryption librarius alpha+++

Brother ELI,

Your recent insights into the warp have been most disturbing.

Faith is the strongest weapon in your armory now. Make haste to stem the incursion.

You face mankind's deepest foe. Our fears manifest into form.

+++End transmission+++

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hobby: Eldar Support Platform

Happy to say that I've managed to finish my support platform and that means I've completed my first Troop choice!

I'll probably go on go paint up the next troops choice which is none other than the Dire Avengers, aspect warriors clad in blue.

Now, blue is a colour that I rarely paint as fantasy armies tend not to have that much blue. So it will be fun to paint a different colour. Unfortunately this means I'll need two pots of new paint.

Now this brings me to the hobby article. Games workshop paints have recently shifted to a more layered paint style. That means they now have more shades of colours for you, pretty much like the Vallejo paint systems where you have trillions of colours like the new retina screen displays. So you could find premixed tones of colour.

Kelvin, once pointed out that he will still stick to the old school way of mixing white to the original colour to create the highlight colour. I've recently enjoyed painting with the layered paints because its faster and more consistent to just plop paint from the paint pot, rather than mix them.

Having said that, it is expensive to own all the tones of colour (but I'm sure GW would like to differ on that thought), so my suggestion is to own two tones of colour and perhaps a shade or wash. You can create the final highlight from a drop of white to the lighter colour. This is good as you can also add more white to create a sharper highlight if the model has crisp sharp lines.

Anyhow, I post pics of my new paint job. The lighting is something I would like to work on as it's too harsh... But oh well...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Vox Caster Is Back!

It's been a long while since The Vox Caster has broadcast any signals. So what better way to just restart the blog by posting again! The Emperor protects as he has blessed us with new technology as I post with my Auspexophonocomputer (iPhone). So I invite my fellows to post their thoughts on this with their smartphones (android friendly too!).

I have plans to upload modelling articles (not just the final results) and also put up battle reports, and also game reviews. It's like a diary of a gamer. So hope it will be a fun read as much fun as it was writing.

Just to keep it going I'm going to post up a shot of my squad of guardians. Led by Warlock Shie-arht... The warriors from Biel Tan are here to right the wrongs of the foolish mon keigh...

Striding across the Imperial Eagle...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Orcs & Goblins (Book in hand-- this info is 100% accurate!)

Orcs & Goblins (Book in hand-- this info is 100% accurate!)

With the Orc and Goblin book in hand, I thought I'd post up an overview of what's new and what's changed. Enjoy! *Special ... Read more

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dramatis Personae - Junx

'Ware Thee All

Hark thee All,
The Clarion's Call,
Ye Gods do bid,
Their Will should you heed,
'Ware His Rage,
Chance not his Page,
For his Champion is on a Rampage,
Tremble ye All, Near and Far,
Thy Lord Kharnagar !!!

Host of Kharnagar

Kharnagar Big Red - Bloodthirster Champion of Khorne
Son Zi , the Reaper of Blood - Herald of Khorne
Arkheelis, the Scourge of Ulthuan - Herald of Khorne
Mengzy, Archbroker of Peace - Herald of Tzeentch
Con-Fuz-Uz, Titillator of Skavenblight - Herald of Slaanesh

Khaine's Holy Host

Darlaith, High Sorceress
Lord Ryanus, Dark Lord of Trickery

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dramatis Personae

No longer will our heroes go to war without a name.
How can the historians commemorate a nameless person.
How can we let their mighty deeds be lost in the fragile memories of Man...
So i beseech you to add your roll of heroes to mine. (you can edit directly to this post)
Lest we forget, thus i shall begin...

The Childtakers
A beastherd of growing renown; haunting the dreams of men and ravaging the countryside...
Gorthmaw Childtaker- Beastlord.
A beastlord of great cunning and the chosen of the Chaos Gods. Slew the Chaos Lord, Kafziel the Warmaster in single combat.
Mourngall- Battle standard bearer Wargor.
Survived a vicious attack by a Hellcannon in combat, tying it up long enough for his attendant Bestigor, The Pilgrims, to destroy it.
Biletooth- Great Bray Shaman.
The other dark figure behind the power of the Childtakers. It was his spells that allowed Gorthmaw to slay the great Warmaster, Kafziel.
Pusbag (dead)- Bray Shaman.
Managed to channel thrice in a battle. Slain by a javelin attack by Marauder Horsemen.
The Pilgrims- Regiment of Renown.
A bestigor unit touched by the powers of Nurgle. Smashed asunder two regiments of Chaos Warriors and a Hellcannon in one battle. Thus have collected 2 Chaos Warrior standards as their trophies. More standards to come...
Bulltars- Regiment of Renown.
A minotaur unit adding their bestial might to the Herd. Together with the Pilgrims, slaughtered 2 Chaos Warrior units, and slew the mighty Chaos Battle Standard Bearer, Antonius.

Clan Ratt
A small Skaven clan, trying to claw its way up to renown, in the Underempire...
Rattus Ratt- Skaven Warlord.
Twittertail- Battle Standard Bearer Chieftain.
Warpgnaw- Clan Skryre Warlock Engineer.
Furrsboo- Clan Pestilens Plague Priest.

The Kingdom of Um
A backwater kingdom in the shifting sands of Khemri that became a satrapy of Lord Settra the Imperishable. It became so rather quickly after being told the terms...
Lord Sappuliuliuma, the Not-So-Imperishable Tomb King. (Slain)
First King of Um, Seated-at-the-Left-Hand-of-the-Sun, appointed in the Hour of Dung.
Slain in short order by Gorthmaw Childtaker, Beastlord of the Childtakers
Lord Iwazzarman, Commander of the Armies That Got Left Behind Tomb King. (Slain)
Usurped King of Um, Seated-facing-the-Sun, appointed in the Hour of the Fruitbat.
Crumbled to dust, courtesy of a pack of ogres and a Regiment of Renown that is yet to be named.
Hikmid, High Priest of Um Liche Priest. (Slain)
Grand Hierophant to Lord Sappuliuliuma, Keeper of the Humps of Multar.
Slain in short order by Regiment of Renown, the Bulltars.
Likmid the Backstabber, Low Priest of Um Liche Priest. (Slain)
Assistant to Hikmid, Likmid fled the battle in which Hikmid was slain, and conveniently took the position of Heirophant.
Slain in short order by Skaven Gutter Runners.
Eeriktahil Dis Phunkton, High Priest of Um Liche Priest.
Grand Hierophant to Lord Iwazzarman
Kunkip Eedup, Low Priest of Um Liche Priest.
Assistant to Eeriktahil Dis Phunkton.

The Kinslayers of the Dark Woods
The Asrai of the Dark Woods are living in self-imposed exile. In the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, a Lord of Change cast a web of deceit over their eyes. They saw their own kin as their foe and strove against them with such fury that the battle seemed lost. At last, the strength of the elves prevailed and day was bitterly won. The veil of blindness was finally lifted from their eyes and the Kinslayers were struck with horror and shame. Despite the pardon granted them, they left the green woods of Athel Loren and crossed over into the Dark Woods. There, they swore an oath to check the threat of Chaos that chose to come over those dread lands. Over the years that passed, many who have wronged their own enter the Dark Woods and join these desperate Asrai, daubing their entire bodies with purple dye as a mark of their shame...
Aidril Hardwood and Imiklav Highborn on Dragon. (Slain)
Slain in short order by ???.
Eiged Hardwood Battle Standard Bearer.
Greenbard Branchwraith Wizard. (Slain)
Slain in short order by a giant and a unit of Dark Elf spearmen.
Roor Yal Rum Bal Treeman. (Slain)
Slain in short order by ???. (Regiment of Renown)
Roor Yal Tum Bal Treeman.
Greenbard Branchwraith Wizard. (Slain)
Slain in short order by a giant and a unit of Dark Elf spearmen.
Skullbard Branchwraith Wizard.
Blubard Branchwraith Wizard